Asset 7Asset 2Colors &TypographyAaBbCcThe sky was cloudless andof a deep dark blue.AaBbCcAred flair silhouettedthejagged edge of a wing.Pacific Blue#0194E0Persian Blue#1C3ECEPurple Heart#1C3ECEMain colors for brandingUbuntu Font FamilyTitillium Web Font FamilyCorporateBrand & Iconscorporate web & software developmentBold Line IconsCompany Logocorporate web & software developmentAtlanticoceanpacificoceanpacificoceanindianoceancorporate web & software developmentWe are anexciting and innovative webdevelopment companyBased in South Africa that contributes to its client's unparalleled custom-ized products, through its vast collective experience and expertise. We cur-rently serve clients in the USA, Germany, South Africa, Australia and manyother countries.More aboutMatogenMatogen CorporateWeb&Software DevelopmentFounded in direct response to the overwhelming need by high profile inte-national corporates and business executives, to retain the services of a dy-namic web hosting, design and development organization that can complywith their respective product requirements, professionalism and high corpo-rate standardsOurportfolioView our portfolioAlert & Site Management SystemBMIGroupThe BMI Group application is an internally used appli-cation specifically designed to suit the needs of thecompany. The application allows them to generatedaily work reports with regards to the sites and plantsthey manage.VIEW PROJECT0102030405060708ResponsiveDesignAngular JSCSS3HTML5.NETPHPNode JSWhychoose usWebHostingWe offer our clients web hosting services that apply thelatest and most advanced technology which complywith international standards, as matter of principle.WebDesign & DevelopmentOur web design and development team offers itsclients unparalleled customized products, through itsvast collective experience and expertise. The teamspecifically focuses on critical features such as superiorgraphic design, navigational functionality, searchengine optimization, behavioral modelling and corpo-rate branding.DynamicGrowthOur robust and dynamic business approach has result-ed in its ability to develop new services and productswhich has always kept it ahead of its competitors.Code ofConductOur success is a direct result of its sound corporate gov-ernance, Code of Conduct and Ethical practices.BusinessPartnersOur strong corporate backing inspires its clients with astrong sense of credibility, security and reliability. Ourprofessionalism , dedication and commitment givesaffect to the pride it takes in its assignments. This e-phasizes and embraces its concept of rather becomingbusiness partners with its clients as apposed to justservice providers.Learn more about usIllse NellCEO, Riskflow Technologies“I bursted with pride tonight! At the beginning of the year, I promised the Riskflow Executive that we will deliver aWORLD CLASS product, and that is exactly what you guys gave me. I could not have hoped for a better team - com-petent, committed & dedicated. A team who believes that what they are creating is indeed special and extraordi-nary. But most of all, a team that takes a very deep pride in delivering a great product.”ILLSE NELLCEO,Riskflow Technologies“I bursted with pride tonight! At the beginning of the year, I promised the Riskflow Executive that wewill deliver a WORLD CLASS product, and that is exactly what you guys gave me. I could not havehoped for a better team - competent, committed & dedicated. A team who believes that what they arecreating is indeed special and extraordinary. But most of all, a team that takes a very deep pride indelivering a great product.”Clientswe have worked withCopyright of Matogen Corporate Web & Software Development 2016. All Rights Reserved.Expand All / Collapse AllHomeAboutPortfolioContactServicesCareers+27 (21) 880 1404Get in touchwith usWrite us a message or feel free to contact one of our branches for avisit. We are open from8:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays.Enter your nameyouremail@domain.comSubject (Optional)Here goes your messageSEND MESSAGEOurPartnersAt Matogen we believe thatour successalwaysdependson your success.Quality, honesty, transparency, respect, fairness and efficiency are at ourcore.CompanyOverviewThe MainMissionOur Purpose &ObjectiveCopyright of Matogen Corporate Web & Software Development 2016. All Rights Reserved.corporate web & software developmentHomeAboutPortfolioContactServicesCareers+27 (21) 880 1404CompanyOverviewThe Matogen Corporate Web & Software Development business model wasspecifically designed and structured to provide for the more discerning and e-clusive corporate web user, looking for a more personalized web touch from aservice provider that provides exceptional service delivery, uncompromisingproduct quality and functionality as well as has credibility and substance. AtMatogen we believe that our success always depends on your success.Matogen was founded on 1 September 2007 in Stellenbosch. Since then wehave expanded our offices to other locations in South Africa, as well as exten-ed our business operations to many international locations.Mission, Vission and ValuesOurMissionOur function and key concern are to improve the life and profits of your bus-ness through automated systems in order to give support to your success byoffering services that encourage exponential growth.Purpose &ObjectiveTo collaborate with companies who are forward thinkers and provide them withthe pinnacle in on-line software development, cutting edge marketing, brand-ing, search engine marketing and support to take their businesses to the nextlevel and guarantee a superior web presence. Our objective as your on-line soft-ware development company will be to take our client's business and modernizetheir efforts by creating a web presence that will attract their target market byimplementing cutting edge ideas, support in multiple areas utilizing advancedwebsite development, to create a fresh perspective, to utilize search enginemarketing, consulting and training to re-create their business for exponentialgrowth.Get in touchwith usWrite us a message or feel free to contact one of our branches for avisit. We are open from8:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays.Enter your nameyouremail@domain.comSubject (Optional)Here goes your messageSEND MESSAGEOurservicesWe can do literally almostanything web-relatedfullyin-house.We have a wide range of services that cater to our clients every need.Web and SoftwareDevelopmentOur web development expertise is in another class. We can do literally almost any-thing web-related fully in-house.In-house developmentMatogen's web and software design and development teams offer its clients unparalleled customizedproducts through its vast collective experience and expertise. Our teams of specialists are remarkablyfocused on critical features such as superior graphic design, advanced navigational functionality, unparal-leled search engine optimization, unique behavioral modeling, and exclusive corporate branding.To see for yourself, have a look at ourPortfolio.At Matogen you get the full package. We do everything from the impressive yet seamless front-end graph-ic user interface, right through all the layers of programming of to the system architecture all the way tothe back-end business logic system and database. We even manage our own servers on which your soft-ware can be hosted, should you choose to do so.Additionally we do everything in-house with real people you can talk to. We don’t outsource your work toIndia, China, etc. or even any other company without being fully transparent about it. You always knowwho the people is that work on your project and talk directly to any of them, should you wish to.Languages/Technologieswe useWe believe in main stream technology all the way, to protect both our and also your interests. To stay mainstream means you are not dependent on us when you want to use other developers, which is a muchhealthier base for your business venture to work from. These technologies are also most of the time morecost efficient and maintainable in the long run.The technologies we specialize in are:PHPC# .NETSoftware developmentservicesAreas of software development where Matogen can deliver exceptional value:Bespoke Web & Software DevelopmentMobile Phone DevelopmentBusiness Analysis & ConsultationSystem & Architecture DesignSystem IntegrationProject Planning & ManagementData Management & MaintenanceQuality Assurance & Technical Due DiligenceContent managementsystemsAlthough we have done work in almost all the main stream CMS’es out there we specialize in the follow-ing:SilverstripeWordpressMobileDevelopmentWant to go mobile the right way? We do it right the first time, without wasting yourhard earned money on nonsense. You’ve come to the right placeApps &cross platformdevelopmentThe whole world is starting to make big waves about mobile software development.Matogen also jumped on the bandwagon of mobile development and can proudly boast of a couple ofsuccessful implementations.We prefer to use HTML5 technology (which is as main stream as you can get) as far as possible, but can alsodo native Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia) and Blackberry when really required.If you do not want to make a full blown mobile app, we can also develop really beautiful responsive mobilewebsites for you. The Matogen website you are looking to at the moment is a good example of a respon-sive website. It should show you completely different layouts, depending on what device you look at thewebsite with (e.g. computer, pad or mobile device) – all in order to give you the best experience to readand view the information you would like to.OutsourcedDevelopmentHire your own developers from us and pay per hour. Great value for money for com-panies who know what they want and know how to manage developers!Manageyour own developersIf you do not know what you want, do not… I repeat: do not source our developers directly, as you pay bythe hour and not by deliverable.Remember: developers are not business people and sometimes also notgood communicators. You need to give them good and clear instructions on what is expected of them tomake this work for you.If you can do this, you will save lots of money by bypassing bu