Thompsons Holidays

Online Trip Finder and CMS Systems

Cape Town, South Africa

We were contracted by Cullinan Digital to develop an online Customer Portal for their subsidiary, with the main focus of the project on ushering Thompsons Holidays into the Mobile age.

The project included UX planning, Digital Consultancy, Content Architecture, the development of a Cloud-based CMS and integration with an API at Thompsons head office to retrieve the product collection in real-time.

UX patterns prioritises above-the-fold real estate for prime marketing content and collateral, with asynchronous loading for below the fold content to enhance page speed.

The responsive website sports an interactive world map, live integration to new Destinations and Holiday types created at head office and Rich media components. Customer enquiries are driven to the sales funnel with content tagging and scarcity techniques, and email channels are protected by two-factor spam protection.

Cloud-based Travel Website and Online Brochure
Cullinan Holdings
What we did
System design, UI design, web development
Technologies used
  • Silverstripe DBMS
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • Material design
  • Sass

Image description
Image description

Dynamic Content

A bespoke feature of the Thompsons CMS allows our customer to get creative and build pages with any content they would like.

There are four main content block types, of which the fourth can be used to add endless types of content - rich text, images galleries, YouTube embedding and Google Maps.

CMS features

File Management

The CMS includes media storage & file management, completed with team collaboration and SEO capabilities.

API Integration

The system connects to the client head office to retrieve live product information, and autmatically merge the Single Source of Truth for Product Management into the content curation space.

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