North West University

Work Integrated and Service-learning
Management System

Potchefstroom, South Africa

North West University is not just about book knowledge but to equip students with practical experience in their field of study before they enter the world of work. A number of practical hours are required for certain academic programmes as a requirement to complete a qualification. Often these practical hours must be completed at different service providers at different year levels pending on the students' selected modules.

The Work Integrated and Service-learning Management System (WISL) is a cloud-based system designed to manage, automate and effectively place students at different Service Providers.

Students can place themselves at a Service Provider of their choice during the placement period by clicking on a link. Mentors can be assigned to assess students on work-integrated learning activities. The system tracks capacity and scheduling with the registered and available Service Provider entities (such as Hospitals and Schools), as well as hours of practical work accrued by the student.

Mentors and assessors assigned to evaluate the students, can access the app via a mobile link where they can view their trip and allowance information as well as student and location data.

The system consolidates 8 API data streams from the existing University systems and automates the placement process and the management of student practicals.

With re-usable modules & components, the system core is designed for new modules and components to be added and shared, quickly and easily. The layered design and separation between databases, api, and user interface allow for upgrades to be executed with ease.

The generic core data model caters for multiple Faculties such as Education, Nursing, and Pharmacy students. The core offers a configurable WIL Office ID functionality to each new NWU school, to provide for unique operational needs.

Cloud-based Student Placement Software and Mobile App
North West University
What we did
UI design, web development
Technologies used
  • C#
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • Material design
  • SCSS

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Data Design and Maintenance

Matogen modeled the database for the project to adhere to three main criteria;

The data model should be fluid, allowing for large-scale changes in the business rules over 3 years with minimal effort.

The data structure should be designed to contain & merge all data sources of existing systems into the fluid structure.

The data should be maintained with automation to merge new input from existing onsite systems with our cloud-based system.

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