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Predictive Modelling

To remain competitive, you need to become model-driven and not just data-driven. However, the ABC of modelling is more than just A.I., Big Data and Cloud and you need to be able to navigate your way from alpha-values to z-scores.

At Matogen Applied Insights, we believe it’s naive to think that artificial intelligence is a silver bullet. We leverage international best practice from the fields of statistics and machine learning for predictive modelling, but also recognise the power of human intelligence and therefore bring highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds to your table. We believe in practical intelligence, with automated pipelines and decisioning where possible and manual interventions where not.

Let’s help you achieve your goals, whether it’s scaling your business, understanding and targeting the right customers or increasing profitability and competitiveness.

We’ll help you achieve more biz, with less buzz

  • Ad-hoc analytics throughout the data lifecycle
  • Custom Predictive Modelling:
    • Response Rates
    • Churn
    • Attrition
    • Credit Risk
    • Collections
    • Contactability
    • Debt Review
  • Reporting
  • Customer profiling
  • Credit bureau and alternative datasets

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